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Real life web strategy at real life prices…

REF Sales Systems is certainly not in a league of its own; we are actually in a very large league with many different design and development companies available. We know that within just a few minutes you can have multiple quotes with different prices and sales teams that are all beating the same drum.

We aren’t your usual web development firm, we want to provide our clients with a quality home grown service at prices and payment options that make sense. For starters our team of programmers are based in the Fraser Valley, instantly making life cheaper for everyone (including them). Our sales team can be located just about anywhere and is quite mobile, phone us in the morning there is a good chance we’ll be having coffee discussing your next project in the afternoon.

Ecommerce Marketing Services

If you aren’t taking advantage of online marketing services you are missing out on many potential customers.

Why Should I Advertise Online?

  • Your business can determine an exact cost per conversion or cost per sale. Using your cost per sale you can determine exactly what to spend and where to spend your advertising dollars to ensure you get the best return on investment.
  • You can learn from your target market. Keyword data is available to let you know the number of impressions your advertisements get and what your CTR (click through rate) is for each keyword. Your target market tells you what they are searching for more often and who is interested in your ad by what CTR and how many impressions you get. This information is valueable for SEO (search engine optimization) as well as use in other methods of advertising.
  • You can test advertisements to determine which ad titles, images, or slogans are most effective.
  • With online advertising your business can gather more statistics and information easier than with any other advertising media.
  • It doesn’t cost much to get started.

WordPress Web Designer

We love wordpress and believe it is one of the best platforms for building most websites. WordPress has one of the easiest to use interfaces and allows easy editing of your website pages. It can be used as a content management system, integrated with shopping carts, or used as it is intended as a leading blog software.

Any website can use WordPress to efficiently control their website with the added perk that WordPress helps you optimize your website for search engines automatically. It also comes with many neat tools that help Google better index your pages. Overall it is a winner in our books.

Drupal Web Design Services

What is Drupal and why should I use it?

Drupal is a leading open-source CMS (Content Management System) and has broad appeal due to the many useful modules and tools available. Whether your company, non-profit, or start-up requires a simple starter website or an advanced custom application Drupal is a perfect starting point.

Popular modules available for Drupal allow you to convert a website into an online store using Ubercart, add forms, photo galleries, and web 2.0 sharing tools.

Developing with Drupal enables the quick and easy management of content as well as saving development time which lowers the cost of creating beautiful functional websites.

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Magento Web Design

Magento Logo

As a Magento web designer we know the ins and outs of Magento development.

Want to create a Magento website? Need to increase the speed of your store? Load 1000’s of products? Design a custom Magento template? or Install a new feature? Our experts can help.

Magento is a great tool and includes more than enough features for the optimal online store. Check with us today to see if Magento is a great solution for your online store.

Feel free to visit the Magento website to learn more about this great open-source tool by visiting MagentoCommerce.com

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What is Magento?

Magento is a feature-rich, professional open-source eCommerce solution that offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the look, content, and functionality of their online store. Magento’s intuitive administration interface contains powerful marketing, search engine optimization and catalog-management tools to give merchants the power to create sites that are tailored to their unique business needs. Designed to be completely scalable and backed by an extensive support network, Magento offers companies the ultimate eCommerce solution.


These are stock screenshots that show the standard feature set of Magento. In addition to the features seen in these screenshots there is many more additional modules and plugins available.

Magento Frontend Screenshot Magento Frontend Screenshot